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The importance of GPS features to describe elite football training

  title={The importance of GPS features to describe elite football training},
  author={Alessio Rossi and Luca Pappalardo and Paolo Cintia and Dino Pedreschi and Marcello Fedon Iaia and Giampietro Alberti},
Methods: Twenty-six elite football players (age=26±4yrs; BMI=24.01±0.86) competing in the Italian Serie B were monitored (23 weeks, 5 training per week). Training-load data were collected during 2080 individual training sessions using a portable non-differential 10Hz GPS integrated with 100Hz 3-D accelerometer, a 3-D gyroscope, a 3-D digital compass (STATSports Viper, Northern Ireland). Seven training-load indexes were recorded: total distance (m); High Speed Running Distance (distance(m… Expand


GPS and Injury Prevention in Professional Soccer
The results of this study isolated 2 variables predicting soft tissue injuries for coaches and sports scientists to consider when planning and monitoring training. Expand