The impacts of substrate and vegetation on stormwater runoff quality from extensive green roofs

  title={The impacts of substrate and vegetation on stormwater runoff quality from extensive green roofs},
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Combined Effects of Substrate Depth and Vegetation of Green Roofs on Runoff and Phytoremediation under Heavy Rain

The quantity and quality of runoff from green roofs have so far been studied using an extensive vegetated roof (substrate depth > 150 mm). However, studies on various substrate depths and vegetation


Modernization has created new impervious urban landscape contributed to major catastrophe. Urban drainage system incapable to convey the excess rainwater resulting in flash flood due to heavy

The application of green roof for stormwater quantity and quality improvement

The use of green roof is becoming increasingly worldwide because of its environmental, economic, and aesthetic benefits. The ability to retain storm water and improve the quality of effluent flow are

The rainwater retention mechanisms in extensive green roofs with ten different structural configurations.

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    Water science and technology : a journal of the International Association on Water Pollution Research
  • 2021
It can be concluded that highest RRC corresponds to a combination of high-permeability soil in the upper layer along with a relatively large water holding capacity in the deep layer, which could significantly delay the water stress in vegetation.

Factors affecting the ability of extensive green roofs to reduce nutrient pollutants in rainfall runoff.

An Overview of Green Roofs in Urban Areas: Impact on Buildings and Food-Energy-Water Nexus

Nowadays, one of the applications with most interest in environmental and sustainability of urban areas, concerns green roofs design. A green roof is a vegetative layer grown on a rooftop and

Green Roofs Influence on Stormwater Quantity and Quality: A Review

This chapter intends to make an extensive review of the influence that Green Roofs (GR) have on the quality and quantity of stormwater. These aspects are very important to define the benefits and the

Experimental and numerical investigation on hydrological characteristics of extensive green roofs under the influence of rainstorms

Green roof rainwater retention, peak runoff reduction, and runoff time delay are considered important hydrological performance indicators for assessing management of urban stormwater. In this study,



A Field Study of Green Roof Hydrologic and Water Quality Performance

Recent regulations intended to minimize the amount of nitrogen and phosphorus in stormwater runoff have resulted in interest in stormwater treatment practices to reduce nutrient loadings. In

Evaluation of Green Roofs for Runoff Retention, Runoff Quality, and Leachability

This three-year study evaluates the quantity and quality of runoff from an extensive green roof on a multistory building in Toronto. Laboratory physical, chemical, and leachate analyses of eleven

Effect of Roof Surface Type on Storm-Water Runoff from Full-Scale Roofs in a Temperate Climate

Roof surfaces represent a significant portion of the impervious area associated with urban development. Storm-water runoff from those surfaces causes stream degradation in receiving waters

Green Roof Media Selection for the Minimization of Pollutant Loadings in Roof Runoff

Stormwater is a leading cause of water quality impairment in estuaries like the Chesapeake Bay. Green roofs are a potential best management practice for urban areas where land for traditional

Selecting a Green Roof Media to Minimize Pollutant Loadings in Roof Runoff

Green roofs are a best management practice for urban areas where land for traditional stormwater practices is unavailable. The two primary research objectives are the following: (1) To develop an

Water quality function of an extensive vegetated roof.

Suspended Solids in and Turbidity of Runoff from Green Roofs

The results indicate that the media, rather than the vegetation, has a greater effect on TSS and turbidity in the runoff, and in areas with stringent water quality regulations for stormwater runoff from developed sites, media selection may be an important consideration.