The impacts of live streaming and on the video game industry

  title={The impacts of live streaming and on the video game industry},
  author={Mark R. Johnson and Jamie Woodcock},
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This article explores the growing importance of live streaming, specifically on website and platform, to the games industry. We focus not on live streaming as a form of media production and consumption, but instead explore its newly central role in the contemporary political economy of the whole video games ecosystem. We explore three cases: streaming newly released games and the attendant role of streaming in informing consumer choice; the visibility and added lifespan that streaming… 
Quantifying the effects of video live streaming on the video game industry-Substitute or complement ?
Philip Wollborn University of Muenster Year of enrolment: 2017 Expected finale date: 06, 2021 In terms of revenue, the video game industry is the largest entertainment
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Commercial game makers at all scales of production have increasingly come to incorporate livestreaming into every stage of the game development cycle. Mainstream hits like Fortnite and League of
Video Game Streaming in Young People and Teenagers: Uptake, User Groups, Dangers, and Opportunities
The existence of profiles at possible risk of addiction underlines how, at a preventive level, there is a need for more in-depth research on these types of services and greater public awareness of the dangers of uncontrolled use.
Exploring the Emerging Domain of Research on Video Game Live Streaming in Web of Science: State of the Art, Changes and Trends
A meta-review of the literature supported by a bibliometric performance and network analysis (BPNA) protocol to obtain a representative sample of 111 published documents since 2012 revealed four specializations or subdomains: studies focused on the transmitter or streamer; the receiver or the audience; the channel or platform; and the transmission process.
Analysis of the coexistence of gaming and viewing activities in Twitch users and their relationship with pathological gaming: a multilayer perceptron approach
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Game live streaming scholarship has explored how the medium offers diverse forms of self-presentation, increasingly commercialized avenues of promotion, and vivid examples of participatory cultural
Converging experiences, converging audiences: An analysis of doctor who on Twitch
  • Naomi Jacobs, P. Booth
  • Business
    Convergence: The International Journal of Research into New Media Technologies
  • 2020
While primarily considered to be a platform for live streaming of video games, Twitch has recently diversified into streaming archival television content. In 2018 and 2019, episodes of the television


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It is found that Twitch streams act as virtual third places, in which informal communities emerge, socialize, and participate, and implications for design of live mixed-media environments to support participatory online communities are drawn.
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It is argued that one potential future in gaming and virtual reality can be found in streaming media and technology, and an important part of that future involves the liminal space of streaming and eSports between the real and the virtual.
YouTube live and Twitch: a tour of user-generated live streaming systems
This paper presents a dataset that contains data on the two main user-generated live streaming systems: Twitch and the live service of YouTube, and shows that both systems generate a significant traffic with frequent peaks at more than 1 Tbps.
The Modem Nation: A First Study on Twitch.TV Social Structure and Player/Game Relationships
  • Benjamin C. B. Churchill, Wen Xu
  • Computer Science
    2016 IEEE International Conferences on Big Data and Cloud Computing (BDCloud), Social Computing and Networking (SocialCom), Sustainable Computing and Communications (SustainCom) (BDCloud-SocialCom-SustainCom)
  • 2016
This paper examines various entities, such as steamers and gaming franchises, in Twitch and how they interact with each other and develops two novel community visualization methods to gain insight into the connectivity and trends of this online community.
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In most writing on video games, whether within or beyond the academy, the availability of gaming media is implicitly taken for granted. However, we propose that the act of video game purchase should
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