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The impacts of Medicaid managed care and market structure on preventable hospitalization, length of stay, and cost of inpatient care in Florida

  title={The impacts of Medicaid managed care and market structure on preventable hospitalization, length of stay, and cost of inpatient care in Florida},
  author={Jungwon Park},


Does Managed Care Improve Access to Care for Medicaid Beneficiaries with Disabilities? A National Study
There is some evidence of improved access to care under MMC; however, the gains appear to be largely limited to beneficiaries in urban areas with fully capitated managed care. Expand
The impact of Medicaid managed care on hospitalizations for ambulatory care sensitive conditions.
The 33 percent lower rate of hospitalizations for ambulatory care sensitive conditions found in mandatory managed care compared with fee-for-service suggests that Medicaid managed care is associated with a large reduction in hospital utilization, which likely reflects health benefits. Expand
The effects of HMO penetration on preventable hospitalizations.
This study suggests that HMO penetration has significant effects in reducing preventable hospitalizations due to some ambulatory care sensitive conditions. Expand
A Comparison of Ambulatory Care-Sensitive Hospital Discharge Rates for Medicaid HMO Enrollees and Nonenrollees
  • F. Porell
  • Medicine
  • Medical care research and review : MCRR
  • 2001
The use of ambulatory care-sensitive (ACS) hospital discharge rates as a simple, practical indicator tool for monitoring the access of Medicaid health maintenance organization (HMO) enrollees through an empirical application in Massachusetts in 1995 is explored. Expand
The effects of market structure and bargaining position on hospital prices.
It is found that as the importance of a hospital to the PPO in an area increases, the price rises substantially, and the common practice of using counties to define the market leads to an underestimate of the price-increasing effects of a merger. Expand
HLM Behind the Curtain: Unveiling Decisions Behind the Use and Interpretation of HLM in Higher Education Research
This research used an example of a 3-level HLM model from the National Study of Living Learning Programs to highlight the practical issues that arise in the interpretation of HLM within a higher education context. Expand
School of Public Administration and Public Policy, Florida State University
  • Fall 2014. M.A.,
  • 2014
The association between managed care enrollments and potentially preventable hospitalization among adult Medicaid recipients in Florida
The results of this study show that the Medicaid managed care program in Florida was associated with an increase in potentially preventable hospitalizations for Medicaid enrollees and indicated that increased competition in the Medicaidmanaged care market has no clear benefit in Medicaid managed Care patients. Expand
A Theory of Human Motivation
1. The integrated wholeness of the organism must be one of the foundation stones of motivation theory. 2. The hunger drive (or any other physiological drive) was rejected as a centering point orExpand
Factors Affecting the State’s SCHIP Spending and Coverage: The Role of Partisan Politics and Fiscal Determinants
This research examines the determinants of the state’s SCHIP spending and coverage using data collected between 1999 and 2008. As influencing factors, we consider political determinants and fiscalExpand