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The impact of teacher -student interaction on student motivation and achievement

  title={The impact of teacher -student interaction on student motivation and achievement},
  author={Tisome T. Nugent},
English language students and their motivation to learn the language
El presente estudio investiga estudiantes de Ingles y su motivacion para aprender el idioma. El proposito del estudio es aprender mas sobre las percepciones de los estudiantes en relacion a su
The impact of teacher-student interaction on student academic outcomes
The school environment plays an important role in the academic success of students. Teacher-student interaction is one of the factors influencing the results of students at school. Study on
The Impact of Teacher-Student Relationships on EFL Learning
This research report aims at sharing the findings that emerged from a qualitative research study by a student-teacher, under the supervision of two practicing teacher-researchers. The study focused
Interaction in Online Learning Environment during Covid -19: Factors behind Lack of Interaction and Ideas for Promoting it
Due to COVID-19 pandemic, the learning process shifted from face- to- face learning into online learning as schools and universities closed almost all over the word. With the shift from face to face
Developing operational accounting competencies during the pandemic using emergency online learning
Abstract The COVID-19 pandemic has forced all the universities in Indonesia to switch their on-campus learning to online learning. Some universities could only provide emergency online learning since
Penerapan prinsip manajemen kelas dan pengaruhnya terhadap motivasi belajar siswa di sekolah dasar
This study aims to describe the implementation of classroom management principles and explain the impact towards 2nd grade students’ learning motivation in SDIT Alif Smart Surakarta. the participant
Abstract: The paper investigates the teacher-student interactions during English lessons at SS III Public Schools of Katsina Metropolis. The reason that triggered the research was the mass failure of
Teacher-student interactions and academic performance of students
The main goal of this study was to investigate the influence of teacherstudent interaction on academic performance of the students. Hundred participants (50 teachers and 50 students) were selected
The Influence of Stream Selection with the Interest, Attitude and Perception of Form Three Students on Physics Subjects/ Pengaruh Pemilihan Aliran dengan Minat, Sikap Dan Persepsi Pelajar Tingkatan Tiga Terhadap Mata Pelajaran Fizik
The decline in the percentage of students into science streams and subsequently taking physics subjects is a critical issue in the country. This study aims to identify the level of interest,
The role of teacher-student relationship on performance in mathematics of the eleventh graders in the Cape Coast metropolis: Critical friendship perspective
Abstract Drawing on Critical Friendship as a theoretical base, an investigation was carried out to find out what components of teacher-student relationship would make a difference in the performance


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Increasing Student Motivation: Strategies for Middle and High School Teachers
Foreword by John A. Pohl Acknowledgments About the Author Introduction 1. Motivation Is a Mindset Each Student Learns Mistakes Aid Learning Positive Feedback Is Necessary Self-Concept Affects the
What Every Teacher Should Know About Student Motivation
About the Author Introduction Vocabulary Pre-Test 1. What Is Motivation and Why Does It Matter? 2. What Are the Roots of Motivation? 3. Motivation to Begin a Lesson or Task 4. How Do We Encourage
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1. Profiles of Motivational Problems. 2. Defining and Assessing Achievement Motivation. 3. Reinforcement Theory. 4. Social Cognitive Theory. 5. Cognitive Theories Applied to Achievement Contexts. 6.
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This book serves as a guided introduction to the rich a diverse perspectives on leadership throughout the ages and Each of leadership are to all, segments leaders is great many dispersed leaders.
Motivation in Education: Theory, Research, and Applications
Chapter 1. Motivation: Introduction and Historical Foundations Chapter 2. Expectancy-Value Theories of Motivation Chapter 3. Attribution Theory Chapter 4. Social Cognitive Theory Chapter 5. Goals and
Applied behavior analysis for teachers
Chapter 1 Roots of Applied Behavior Analysis The Usefulness of Explanations Developmental Explanations Cognitive Explanations Behavioral Explanations Historical Development of Behaviorism Chapter 2