The impact of taxing vacancy on housing markets: Evidence from France

  title={The impact of taxing vacancy on housing markets: Evidence from France},
  author={Mariona Seg{\'u}},
  journal={Journal of Public Economics},
  • M. Segú
  • Published 1 May 2020
  • Economics
  • Journal of Public Economics
India’s Housing Vacancy Paradox: How Rent Control and Weak Contract Enforcement Produce Unoccupied Units and a Housing Shortage at the Same Time
One housing paradox in many markets is the simultaneous presence of high costs and high vacancy. India has expensive housing relative to incomes and an urban housing vacancy rate of 12.4%. We look at
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    Global Journal of Management and Business Research
  • 2020
According to the data from China Statistical Yearbooks, we can calculate the average annual house price increase rate, and get such results: in the 21st century the average annual house price
Change Characteristics and Multilevel Influencing Factors of Real Estate Inventory—Case Studies from 35 Key Cities in China
High inventory is a common issue in urban real estate markets in many countries, posing a threat to the sustainable development of macroeconomics and society. This study built an analytical framework
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Rental Housing Markets, the Incidence and Duration of Vacancy, and the Natural Vacancy Rate
New intermetropolitan and time-series data from the BLS are used to derive and modelthe incidence and the duration of rental vacancies and to assess the importance of thoseindicators to the price
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Unemployment Christopher Pissarides This paper uses data on unemployment flows and job vacancies to shed light on the phenomenal rise of unemployment in Britain, from under 3% in the 1960s to over
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  • Economics
    Journal of Political Economy
  • 1990
A model of the single-family housing market is proposed in which households that move are both buyers and sellers. Households move when a stochastic process leaves them dissatisfied with their
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Squatters and municipal policies to reduce vacancy; evidence from The Netherlands
It is against the law to enter an occupied dwelling without the occupant’s permission. Unlawful entry has long been regarded as an infringement of domestic privacy and peace. However, if a dwelling