The impact of social media presence and board member composition on new venture success: Evidences from VC-backed U.S. startups

  title={The impact of social media presence and board member composition on new venture success: Evidences from VC-backed U.S. startups},
  author={P. Gloor and A. F. Colladon and F. Grippa and Beth Hadley and S. Woerner},
Abstract The purpose of this study is to examine the impact of board member composition and board members’ social media presence on the performance of startups. Using multiple sources, we compile a unique dataset of about 500 US-based technology startups. We find that startups with more venture capitalists on the board and whose board members are active on Twitter attract additional funding over the years, though they do not generate additional sales. By contrast, startups which have no venture… Expand

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