The impact of smart phones and mobile devices on human health and life

  title={The impact of smart phones and mobile devices on human health and life},
  author={Sumaiya Mushroor and Shammin Haque and Riyadh Ahmed Amir},
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The advent of new touch technologies and widespread use of smart phones and mobile devices have made humans embrace with technology more and extensively dependent upon them. The wireless devices like cell phones, tablet, laptops, audio players and digital cameras, are used by Wi-Fi which are connected to exchange information. Social networks allow people to interact and make new friends, but their use without any knowledge will result in harmful effects. Since these smart devices are portable… Expand
Study of the effect of mobile phones on hearing
The present study shows an increase in the hearing threshold of the ear exposed to the prolonged use of mobile phones. Expand
Factors Implicated in Smartphone Usage Distressing Individual
  • Nidhi Singh, Sanjay Medhavi
  • Medicine
  • International Journal of Engineering and Management Research
  • 2021
To identify the communication technology induced stressor, exploratory factor analysis has been done on the data collected from 427 respondent and nine factor are extracted containing variables which simply explains the smartphone uses stressor that and those factors may be used for further analysis in various studies related to smartphone usage. Expand
The Role of Library in the Use of Mobile Phone for People Living With HIV (PLHIV)
HIV is the worlds’ most disturbing epidemic especially in developing country like Nigeria. Hence the world wants to reduce the spread of the epidemic by the year 2030. To be able to achieve theExpand
Smartphone Technological Advancement Trends: A Scheme for Knowledge Acquisition Towards Societal Development
Examination of literature concluded that a “strong innovative strategy” is a factor that should not be underestimated by any society gearing towards growth in knowledge acquisition and a concept model was presented as a lead to mend the knowledge gap. Expand
Unobtrusive monitoring of behavior and movement patterns to detect clinical depression severity level via smartphone
A method to assess the depression level of an individual using a smartphone by monitoring their daily activities and had an accuracy of 87.2% in severe depression cases which outperformed other classification models including the k-nearest neighbor and artificial neural network. Expand
Smartphone Adoption in Nigeria : Issues and Discourse
DOI: 10.21276/sjhss.2018.3.1.3 Abstract: Smartphones have turned out to be a major part of the lives of Nigerians owing to its unique capacity to combine communication and computing on mobileExpand
A model for mobile exergame development to promote anti-sedentary behaviour
The overall finding from the survey experiment suggest that by practising mobile exergame, an individual can expect a productive behaviour change which will motivate the user for a longer period of time. Expand
Developing a Questionnaire for Mobile Phone Usage Pattern Among University Students Using the Delphi Method
Using the designed questionnaire, the mobile usage pattern among student universities can be examined and solutions can be considered for them to prevent further consequence. Expand
Hypothenar eminence pain caused by smart phone use with the hands resting on a table
One way in which smartphone use can indirectly cause a disease state and pose a diagnostic challenge is shown to be shown. Expand
To Study the Effects of Deep Neck Flexor Strengthening Exercises and Mckenzie Neck Exercises on Smart Phone Users Suffering From Neck Pain: A Comparative Study
The results indicated that although both the treatment techniques, DNF and McK are effective in alleviating the neck pain in Smartphone users in terms of decreasing pain intensity and increasing functional ability as there was a significant difference within the two groups, but there was no significant difference between the D NF and McK group. Expand


A Study on Some of the Common Health Effects of Cell-Phones amongst College Students
The health effects of cell phone usage amongst students pursuing professional courses in colleges in an urban setting and common mental symptoms included lack of concentration and poor academic performance, insomnia, anxiety etc were focused on. Expand
Mobile phone related-hazards and subjective hearing and vision symptoms in the Saudi population.
  • S. Meo, A. Al-Drees
  • Psychology, Medicine
  • International journal of occupational medicine and environmental health
  • 2005
It is suggested that excessive use of mobile phones should be avoided and social awareness increased through health promotion activities, such as group discussions or public presentations and via electronic and printed media sources. Expand
The Effect of Smartphones on Human Health Relative to User’s Addiction: A Study on a Wide Range of Audiences in Jordan
Results show that the significant variables were the vision problems and the time spent when using the smartphone that cause vision problems, and other variables including age of user and ear problems due to the use of the headsets were found to be a border line significant. Expand
Statistical Study of Impact of Mobile on Student's Life
The adoption of the mobile phone by young people has been a global phenomenon in recent years. It is now an integral part of youngsters' daily lives and is for the majority, the most popular form ofExpand
Smartphone use and smartphone addiction among young people in Switzerland
This study provides the first insights into smartphone use, smartphone addiction, and predictors of smartphone addiction in young people from a European country and should be extended in further studies. Expand
Effect of smartphone usage on quality of sleep in medical students
Background: Like every other important invention of the technological revolution, smartphones have brought with themselves both comforts and problems. An irrational overuse of smartphones has beenExpand
Self-reported symptoms associated with exposure to electromagnetic fields: a questionnaire study
It has been shown that users of mobile phone and computer more often complained of headache, joint and bone pain, hearing loss, vertigo/dizziness, tension-anxiety symptoms according to time of daily usage. Expand
The relationship between mobile phone use and ear Problems among medical students
High prevalence of ear problems among female medical students and the use of mobile phone and auditory problems and the gender difference among medical students in Taibah University in Al Madinah Al Monawarrah is demonstrated. Expand
The effects of microwave radiation from mobile telephones on humans and animals
  • A. L. Galeev
  • Computer Science, Medicine
  • Neuroscience and Behavioral Physiology
  • 2006
Results of studies of the biological effects of low-intensity modulated microwave irradiation, including that from cellular telephones, lead to the conclusion that irradiation does not have pathological effects on the body, but does induce the usual non-specific adaptive reactions. Expand
Long-term mobile phone use and brain tumor risk.
The data do not support the hypothesis that mobile phone use is related to an increased risk of glioma or meningioma, and the authors conclude that a large number of long-term mobile phone users don't support this hypothesis. Expand