The impact of sleep deprivation on neuronal and glial signaling pathways important for memory and synaptic plasticity.

  title={The impact of sleep deprivation on neuronal and glial signaling pathways important for memory and synaptic plasticity.},
  author={Robbert Havekes and Christopher G. Vecsey and Ted Abel},
  journal={Cellular signalling},
  volume={24 6},
Sleep deprivation is a common feature in modern society, and one of the consequences of sleep loss is the impairment of cognitive function. Although it has been widely accepted that sleep deprivation affects learning and memory, only recently has research begun to address which molecular signaling pathways are altered by sleep loss and, more importantly, which pathways can be targeted to reverse the memory impairments resulting from sleep deprivation. In this review, we discuss the different… CONTINUE READING
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