The impact of osteoporosis on quality-of-life: the OFELY cohort.

  title={The impact of osteoporosis on quality-of-life: the OFELY cohort.},
  author={Allison R Martin and Elisabeth Sornay-Rendu and Julie M Chandler and François Duboeuf and Cindy J Girman and Pierre Dominique Delmas},
  volume={31 1},
Although the long-term outcomes of osteoporosis (Op) such as fracture, kyphosis, and pain are well known, the physical, psychological, and social consequences, beyond fracture and pain, are less clear. The Osteoporosis-targeted Quality-of-life (OPTQoL) questionnaire aimed at assessing the physical difficulty, fears, and adaptations to one's daily life was developed as a cross-sectional instrument to characterize the burden of Op within a community. The purpose of this study was to assess the… CONTINUE READING

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