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The impact of leaking sewers on urban groundwater

  title={The impact of leaking sewers on urban groundwater},
  author={Matthias Eiswirth and Heinz H{\"o}tzl},
Contamination of urban groundwater by sewage leakage from damaged sewers is an increasing matter of public and regulatory concern. It is estimated that in Germany several 100 million m waste water leaks every year from partly damaged sewerage systems into soil and groundwater. In many cities damaged sewerage systems are the main sources for groundwater contamination with sulphate, chloride and nitrogen compounds. Besides the ecological point of view, damaged sewerage systems exhibit essential… Expand
Since the protection of urban groundwater as a drinking water resource is of growing importance it becomes necessary to quantify the interaction between the technical part of the urban water systemExpand
Relationship between infiltration, sewer rehabilitation, and groundwater flooding in coastal urban areas
Investigation of the influence of the repair of damaged sewer on the water table of an urban shallow aquifer highlights the susceptibility of shallow aquifers in coastal urban areas and suggests that they should be regarded in flooding predictions. Expand
Non-agricultural sources of groundwater nitrate: a review and case study.
The source and significance of non-agricultural nitrogen for groundwater and a case study of nitrate loading in the city of Nottingham are illustrated. Expand
Hydrochemical Characteristics and Shallow Groundwater Quality in Kirkuk Urban Area, Iraq
The assessment of hydrochemical characteristics and shallow groundwater quality was carried out in Kirkuk urban area, Iraq. Twenty two water samples were collected systematically at 20 locations forExpand
Sewer losses and interactions with groundwater quality.
  • J. B. Ellis, D. M. Revitt
  • Environmental Science, Medicine
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The incidence and condition of "critical" sewers in the UK are identified together with chemical and bacterial methods of quantifying I/E and its potential impact on sewer performance and on urban groundwater pollution. Expand
Harmonized assessment of nutrient pollution from urban systems including losses from sewer exfiltration: a case study in Germany
This study proposes an extended model framework which incorporates sewer exfiltration pathway in the catchment model for a better justified pollution control and management of urban systems at a nationwide scale and provides a first harmonized quantification of potential leakage losses in urban wastewater systems at the nationwide scale. Expand
Sewer infiltration/exfiltration and interactions with sewer flows and groundwater quality
Inflow/infiltration (I/I) and infiltration/exfiltration (I/E) are interactive processes which dynamically affect sewer and groundwater performance. The incidence and condition of "critical" sewers inExpand
Collecting information for characterizing the catchment and assessing pollution potential.
ION The scale of groundwater abstraction and methods of abstraction used are also important factors in assessing groundwater pollution and protecting groundwater quality. In relation to the former,Expand
Evaluation of the Local Urban Water Budget for Estimating Groundwater Recharge Potential.
EVALUATION OF THE LOCAL URBAN WATER BUDGET FOR ESTIMATING GROUNDWATER RECHARGE POTENTIAL. Rebecca L. Scriver Advisor: University of Guelph, 2014 Dr. Aaron Berg Committee Member: Dr. Gary Parkin TheExpand
Assessment of well water pollution by sewage contaminants: A case study of Akure South, Ondo State, Nigeria
This study investigated the extent of well water contamination in dry and rainy seasons through infiltration of coliform bacteria from sewage pits in their proximity in Akure. Total and FaecalExpand


Detection of contaminant transport from damaged sewerage systems and leaky landfills
The migration and fate of contaminants from damaged sewerage systems and leaky landfills have been investigated, using combined hydrogeological and tracer techniques, soil gas surveys and geophysicalExpand
Guest Editor’s preface: Theme issue on urban groundwater
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