The impact of drug shortages on children with cancer--the example of mechlorethamine.

  title={The impact of drug shortages on children with cancer--the example of mechlorethamine.},
  author={Monika L. Metzger and Amy L Billett and Michael P. Link},
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Among the generic drugs in short supply is mechlorethamine, part of a standard regimen for pediatric Hodgkin's lymphoma. The Pediatric Hodgkin Lymphoma Consortium has substituted cyclophosphamide, which is less effective and increases the risk of complications. 

Therapeutic options for patients with lymphoma and liver dysfunction or failure during mechlorethamine shortage

Seven cases of patients with lymphoma and liver dysfunction successfully treated in this time period with ifosfamide/carboplatin or gemcitabine/cisplatin are described.

Oncology drug shortages in the USA — business as usual

An overview of the recent shortage of vincristine is provided and potential solutions are discussed.

Survey of oncologists about shortages of cancer drugs.

In this survey of oncologists, most reported that they were unable to prescribe a preferred cancer drug at least once over the previous 6 months because of a drug shortage. Some oncologists had to

Drug shortages pose problems for p&t committees in accountable care organizations.

Drugs in short supply, especially those needed in oncology, can create legal and patient-safety problems for risk-bearing providers.

Chemotherapy drug shortages in the United States revisited.

The practices of group purchasing organizations have been recently highlighted by several sources as a potential major root cause of generic chemotherapy drug shortages.

Ensuring Access to Injectable Generic Drugs - The Case of Intravesical BCG for Bladder Cancer.

Limits on access to injectable generic drugs force providers to use potentially less effective alternatives, current patients to discontinue therapy, and some new patients to receive more invasive ...

Cancer drug shortages: Awareness and perspectives from a representative sample of the US population

Although cancer drug shortages are a persistent problem in oncology, little is known about the awareness and perspectives of the US population with respect to shortages.

Chemotherapy and Supportive Care Agents as Essential Medicines for Children With Cancer

This work argues for creation of a CASCA-specific essential medicines list for childhood cancer and provides ethical and policy-based reasoning for this approach and provides an example of what should be claimed for medical indications that are deemed essential to preserve life and function.

Forecasting essential childhood cancer drug need: An innovative model‐based approach

Childhood cancer outcomes in low‐income and middle-income countries have not kept pace with advances in care and survival in high‐income countries, and a contributing factor is unreliable access to essential drugs.

Impact of anti-cancer drugs shortages in oncology and hematology departments in a Moroccan hospital

Drug shortages have a profound impact on patient safety, clinical outcomes, quality of treatment, hospital management and other important factors and in-depth collaboration between different health actors and timely communication strategies are essential elements of an effective drug shortage management plan.



Drug shortages--a critical challenge for the generic-drug market.

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To address the growing U.S. shortages of critical generic drugs, long-term remedies, both legislative and regulatory, must be considered. Some basic changes in generic-drug law and FDA practices and

Chemotherapy drug shortages in the United States: genesis and potential solutions.

In October 2011, the US Food and Drug Administration announced the end of the cytarabine shortage, but in July 2011, shortages of daunorubicin started, another drug critical to the management of leukemia and the second most important drug used to treat acute myeloid leukemia.

The shortage of essential chemotherapy drugs in the United States.

Some essential oncology drugs are in short supply in the United States, raising concern about safety, cost, and availability of life-saving treatments. The causes are economic: manufacturers don't

motherapy drug shortages in the United States : genesis and potential solutions

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