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The impact of authoritative, permissive and authoritarian behavior of parents on self-concept, psychological health and life quality

  title={The impact of authoritative, permissive and authoritarian behavior of parents on self-concept, psychological health and life quality},
  author={Fahimeh Rezai Niaraki and Hassan Rahimi},
  journal={European Online Journal of Natural and Social Sciences},
The current study compared the effect of parenting style on self-concept, psychological health and quality of life of children with authoritative, permissive and authoritarian parents. In order to do this, parenting style questionnaire was first given to 180 parents of high school students in Iran. Then, based on this questionnaire, the parents were divided into authoritarian, permissive and authoritative. Following this, 30 children from authoritarian, 29 from permissive and 32 children from… 

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  • Psychology
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  • 2004
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