The impact of Irrigation on Agricultural Productivity: Evidence from India

  title={The impact of Irrigation on Agricultural Productivity: Evidence from India},
  author={Songqing Jin and Winston Yu and Hans G. P. Jansen and Rie Muraoka},
Using plot level production data from a nation-wide survey in India, we study the impact of irrigation on crop productivity, land prices and cropping intensities. Our main identification strategy is based on a sufficient number of households cultivating multiple plots of different irrigation status. After household fixed effects and plot characteristics are controlled for, our estimations show that irrigation has a strong and significant impact on all these outcomes with the dominant effects on… Expand
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The water footprint of selected crops within the Olifants/Doorn Catchment, South Africa
The impact of smallholder irrigation and water security on household welfare : the case of Tugela Ferry irrigation scheme in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa.
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