The immunomodulatory factors of bloodfeeding arthropod saliva.

  title={The immunomodulatory factors of bloodfeeding arthropod saliva.},
  author={R Dean Gillespie and Moustapha Mbow and Richard G. Titus},
  journal={Parasite immunology},
  volume={22 7},
There are potent immunomodulators in saliva of the bloodfeeding arthropods which transmit many of the world's most serious diseases that may benefit the arthropod by preventing the vertebrate host from becoming sensitized to the saliva. In addition, saliva can enhance transmission of parasites/pathogens by arthropods. As a result, vaccines that target the arthropod (e.g. salivary immunomodulators) should be considered as one component of multisubunit vaccines against arthropod-borne parasites… CONTINUE READING