The immunoglobulinopathies: from physiopathology to diagnosis.

  title={The immunoglobulinopathies: from physiopathology to diagnosis.},
  author={Jean-Daniel Tissot and Dinh-Hao Vu and V. Aubert and Philippe Schneider and Françoise Vuadens and David Crettaz and Michel Andr{\'e} Duchosal},
  volume={2 7},
The diversity of immunoglobulins (Igs) results mainly from recombinations of numerous genes within the heavy (V(Heavy), D, and J(Heavy)) and within the light (V(Light), J(Light)) chain gene loci, and from somatic hypermutations occurring during the immune response of B-cells. Igs production is controlled by complex cellular and humoral mechanisms. Plasma of healthy individuals contains polyclonal Igs. Clonal expansion of cells producing antigen-specific Igs may result from physiological as well… CONTINUE READING

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