The immunogloblin nature of nephritic factor (NeF).

  title={The immunogloblin nature of nephritic factor (NeF).},
  author={Daniel M Scott and Nick Amos and J. G. Sissons and Peter J. Lachmann and Dr T. K. Peters},
  journal={Clinical and experimental immunology},
  volume={32 1},
NeF was shown to be antigenically and structurally similar to IgG by the following experiments: (1) NeF activity in serum was absorbed by and, under acid conditions, could be eluted from (a) anti-myeloma IgG antibody coupled to Sepharose and (b) protein A-Sepharose. (2) Purified NeF could bind to anit-myeloma IgG-Sepharose and could be eluted with acid, and this binding was blocked by myeloma IgG. (3) An antibody to beta2, microglobulin, showing strong cross-reactivity with normal IgG, bound… CONTINUE READING