The immunocompetence of murine stromal cell-associated thymocytes.

  title={The immunocompetence of murine stromal cell-associated thymocytes.},
  author={Pamela J Fink and Irving L Weissman and Henry S. Kaplan and Bruno Kyewski},
  journal={Journal of immunology},
  volume={132 5},
Thymocyte subpopulations that associate in vivo with distinct nonlymphoid cells of the thymus have been isolated, and their immunocompetence was analyzed. Previous studies have indicated that greater than 95% of such cells bear a surface antigen phenotype representative of immature thymocytes, and are among the earliest thymic compartments repopulated by bone marrow-derived cells after lethal and sub-lethal irradiation. Stromal cell-associated thymocytes may be activated in vivo because they… CONTINUE READING

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