The immune response behavior in HIV-AIDS patients treated with Ozone therapy for two years.

  title={The immune response behavior in HIV-AIDS patients treated with Ozone therapy for two years.},
  author={Javier Cespedes-Suarez and Yanisley Martin-Serrano and Maria Rosa Carballosa-Pe{\~n}a and Diana Rosa Dager-Carballosa},
  journal={Journal of Ozone Therapy},
HIV continues to be one of the biggest problems for the global public health. The African region is one of the most affected, accounting for almost two thirds of the new infections. Many of them are retroviral medications and multi-therapies aiming to stop the viral replication and maintaining immunological stability, which fail to guarantee the quality of life or enhance the patient's immunity Ozone has biological properties, among which the antimicrobial and modulatory effect on the immune… 

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