The imaging of stab injuries.

  title={The imaging of stab injuries.},
  author={Coert S de Vries and Mogoeemang Africa and Fekade Admassu Gebremariam and J Marthinus Janse van Rensburg and Susan F Otto and Henrik F Potgieter},
  journal={Acta radiologica},
  volume={51 1},
In the trauma unit of the Bloemfontein Academic Complex, the total number of stab wounds seen represents approximately 70.5% of penetrating injuries, which is 6.4% of 5004 trauma cases seen in a period of 1 year. The other cases are gunshot wounds and pedestrian or motor vehicle accidents. Specific guidelines and protocols are followed for penetrating trauma management. All imaging modalities are utilized, with chest radiography the mainstay of thoracic imaging in patients having sustained… CONTINUE READING
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