The illness and death of Eva Perón: cancer, politics, and secrecy

  title={The illness and death of Eva Per{\'o}n: cancer, politics, and secrecy},
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  • B. Lerner
  • Published 3 June 2000
  • Medicine, Political Science
  • The Lancet
Evita’s lobotomy
Eva Perón: Ihre Diagnose war „top secret“
Weil sie sich nicht genau untersuchen lassen wollte und der Pap-Abstrich noch wenig bekannt war, wurde das Zervixkarzinom Eva Perons erst spat entdeckt. Sie selbst erfuhr nie die wahre Diagnose.
Neighborly Help or Itinerant Surgery?
Cancer in politicals personalities (Eva Peron, “Evita”)
Evita represented the ideal of women for many and at the same time it was and it is one of the most controversial personalities of world modern history. He was born in a humble village in the
Eva Perón: cervical cancer and the effect on a nation.
  • A. Rodriguez
  • Political Science
    Current opinion in obstetrics & gynecology
  • 2009
The recent availability of the quadrivalent HPV vaccine for the prevention of cervical cancer gives a timely, and ultimately tragic contrast to Eva Perón's story.
The Challenge of Eliminating Cervical Cancer in the United States: A Story of Politics, Prudishness, and Prevention
The following review of the reduction of cervical cancer morbidity and mortality demonstrates the importance of the interplay between basic science, clinical medicine, social mores, and public policy.
Beyond Informed Consent: Did Cancer Patients Challenge Their Physicians in the Post-World War II Era?
  • B. Lerner
  • Medicine, Political Science
    Journal of the history of medicine and allied sciences
  • 2004
It is concluded that most patients passively assented to treatment, signing consent forms without making any inquiries, but a small group of patients challenged their physicians, leading them to learn more about proposed treatment options and perhaps make more informed decisions.


The Shah's Last Ride
On 16 January 1979, with riots raging around him, the Shah flew out of Teheran for the last time, a sick and disillusioned man. For the rest of his life he was to be shunted from country to country
Hidden Illness in the White House
The serious illness of three presidents—Woodrow Wilson, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, and John F. Kennedy—as well as the injury Ronald Reagan received in the assassination attempt upon him have revealed
Argentina. Telling the truth to cancer patients in a multicultural society.
It is considered a real challenge to be truthful in medicine in Argentina, taking into account that in many other aspects the country is striving to live more realistically and in confrontation with truth-social truth.
Cancer of the cervix, an appraisal.
  • J. Meigs
  • Medicine
    American journal of obstetrics and gynecology
  • 1956
What to tell cancer patients. A study of medical attitudes.
A questionnaire and interviews were used to study the policies of 219 physicians about "telling" cancer patients, finding inconsistencies, opinionatedness, and resistance to change and to research which indicated emotion-laden a priori personal judgments as the real determinants.