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The identity of Micranthu serpyllifolius Roth

  title={The identity of Micranthu serpyllifolius Roth},
  author={C.E.B. Bremekamp},
  • C.E.B. Bremekamp
  • Published 1955
  • Biology
  • Recently I got the opportunity of examining a specimen from the “Rijksherbarium”, Leiden, which was provided with a label on which ROTH had written in the middle the name of the plant, viz. “ Micranthus serpyllifol-Roth ” and in the lower right corner the name of the collector, viz. “Heyne”; in the lower left comer another hand had added “Ind. or. Hb. Roth”. As the specimen proved to answer the description of Micranthus serpyllifolius given on p. 282 of ROTH’s “Novae Plantarum Species… CONTINUE READING