The hypothesis' ambassador

  title={The hypothesis' ambassador},
  author={Andrew Moore},
Though I offer no such titillating parallel as that of Phryne’s trial, used by Victor de Lorenzo in the last editorial, I am prompted to follow his lead with a commentary on the seductive capacity of words, and one group in particular: neologisms. Neologisms give a name to a concept or phenomenon (rather than a newly discovered ‘part’, e.g. protein), and often express a new hypothesis. They may be considered seductive in two senses: firstly because their creators are seduced by the ability to… 
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Proteroctopus ribeti in coleoid evolution

The phylogenetic analysis indicates that Proteroctopus is a basal member of the Vampyropoda, but this result should be interpreted with caution due to the number of unknown character states in the matrix.