The hydrous phase equilibria (to 3 kbar) of an andesite and basaltic andesite from western Mexico: constraints on water content and conditions of phenocryst growth

  title={The hydrous phase equilibria (to 3 kbar) of an andesite and basaltic andesite from western Mexico: constraints on water content and conditions of phenocryst growth},
  author={G. Moore and I. Carmichael},
  journal={Contributions to Mineralogy and Petrology},
Abstract We have conducted high pressure (to 3 kbar), water saturated melting experiments on an andesite (62 wt% SiO2) and a basaltic andesite (55 wt% SiO2) from western Mexico. A close comparison between the experimental phase assemblages and their compositions, and the phenocryst assemblages of the lavas, is found in water saturated liquids, suggesting that the CO2 content was minimal in the fluid phase. Thus the historic lavas from Volcan Colima (with phenocrysts of orthopyroxene, augite… Expand
Hydrous phase equilibria of a Mexican high-silica andesite:A candidate for a mantle origin?
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Experimental phase relations of a low MgO Aleutian basaltic andesite at XH2O = 0.7–1
We conducted melting experiments on a low MgO (3.29 wt.%) basaltic andesite (54.63 wt.% SiO2) from Westdahl volcano, Alaska, at XH2O = 0.7–1 and fO2 ~ Ni–NiO, at pressures = 0.1–180 MPa andExpand
The andesite aqueduct: perspectives on the evolution of intermediate magmatism in west-central (105–99°W) Mexico
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Trachybasalt scoria from a cinder cone near the Mexican volcanic front contain phenocrysts of olivine with chromite inclusions, apatite, augite and hornblende, with microphenocrysts of plagioclase.Expand
Storage conditions and evolution of andesitic magma prior to the 1991–95 eruption of Unzen volcano: Constraints from natural samples and phase equilibria experiments
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Storage conditions of Bezymianny Volcano parental magmas: results of phase equilibria experiments at 100 and 700 MPa
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Experimental study of a low-alkali tholeiite at 1–5 kbar: optimal condition for the crystallization of high-An plagioclase in hydrous arc tholeiite
We conducted melting experiments on a low-alkali tholeiite (SiO2 ~52 wt%, MgO ~6.5 wt%, CaO/Na2O~4.4, Al2O3/SiO2 ~0.33) under both H2O-undersaturated and H2O-saturated conditions to investigate theExpand
Phase equilibrium of a high ‐ SiO 2 andesite at f 02 = RRO : implications for Augustine Volcano and other high ‐ f 02 arc andesites
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Water-saturated and undersaturated melting relations in a Paricutin andesite and an estimate of water content in the natural magma
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The May 18, 1980, eruption of Mount St. Helens: 1. Melt composition and experimental phase equilibria
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Equilibrium H,O pressure (POH.O) was fixed at values less than total pressure (PT) in melting experiments on mixtures of 1921 Kilauea tholeiite, H,O, and CO, (58-5 mole per cent H,O, 41-5 mole perExpand
Experimental investigations of the role of H2O in calc-alkaline differentiation and subduction zone magmatism
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The May 18, 1980, eruption of Mount St. Helens: 3. Stability and chemistry of amphibole in the magma chamber
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Crystallization and Fractionation Trends in the System Andesite-H2O-CO2-O2 at Pressures to 10 Kb
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A magmatic geohygrometer: Application to Mount St. Helens and other dacitic magmas
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Plagioclase-melt equilibria in hydrous systems.
Although plagioclase is the most common minera! in crustal rocks, plagioclase-melt equilibrium relationships in hydrous silicate systems are poorly understood. This study is based on analyses of 54Expand
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Colima and Ceboruco are the only two historically active volcanoes in the western portion of the Mexican Volcanic Belt. Contrasts in eruptive style and mineralogy indicate that magmas from Colima areExpand
Quaternary minettes and associated volcanic rocks of Mascota, western Mexico: a consequence of plate extension above a subduction modified mantle wedge
Abstract Pleistocene-Holocene volcanism in the Jalisco block of western Mexico is confined to two conspicuous grabens, where potassic eruptives range from absarokites (48–52% SiO2) and minettesExpand