The hydrolysis of phosphocreatine and the origin of urinary creatinine.

  title={The hydrolysis of phosphocreatine and the origin of urinary creatinine.},
  author={H Borsook and J W Dubnoff},
  journal={The Journal of biological chemistry},
  volume={168 2},
Xhaffer (1)) Myers and Fine (2), and Hahn and Meyer (3) adduced evidence that muscle creatine is the precursor of urinary creatinine. This was questioned by Chanutin and Kinard (4) but was conclusively proved by Bloch, Schoenheimer, and Rittenberg (5, 6) by isotope tracer evidence, which also showed that creatinine was the only normal urinary constituent containing any significant amount of body creatine nitrogen.’ Although Bloch, Schoenheimer, and Rittenberg had settled the issue of the… CONTINUE READING

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Creatine and creatinine, Monographs on biochemistry, London and New York (1928)

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