The hydrino and other unlikely states

  title={The hydrino and other unlikely states},
  author={Norman Dombey},
  journal={Physics Letters A},
  • N. Dombey
  • Published 8 August 2006
  • Physics
  • Physics Letters A

Deep-electron Orbits in Cold Fusion

The lochon models of cold fusion, among others, propose deep-energy electrons as necessary for low-energy nuclear reactions (LENR). Relativistic Schrodinger equations, e.g., the Klein–Gordon (K–G)

Arguments for the Anomalous Solutions of the Dirac Equations

In this paper, we look into the difficult question of electron deep levels in the hydrogen atom. An introduction shows some general considerations on these orbits as “anomalous” (and usually

Electron Deep Orbits of the Hydrogen Atom

This work continues our previous work [1] and in a more developed form [2]), on electron deep orbits of the hydrogen atom. An introduction shows the importance of the deep orbits of hydrogen (H or D)

On the 1D Coulomb Klein–Gordon equation

For a single particle of mass m experiencing the potential −α/|x|, the 1D Klein–Gordon equation is mathematically underdefined even when α ≪ 1: unique solutions require some physically motivated

Klein-Gordon particles in symmetrical well potential

Dirac reduced radial equations and the problem of additional solutions

We show that additional solutions must be ignored (in differences of the Schrodinger and Klein-Gordon equations) in the Dirac equation, where usually passed the second order radial equation, called

Distinguishing electron paramagnetic resonance signature of molecular hydrino

Quantum mechanics postulates that the hydrogen atom has a stable ground state from which it can be promoted to excited states by capture of electromagnetic radiation, with the energy of all

The critical transition of Coulomb impurities in gapped graphene

The effect of supercritical charge impurities in graphene is very similar to the supercritical atomic collapses in QED for Z > 137, but with a much lower critical charge. In this sense graphene can

Some Problems of Self-Adjoint Extension in the Schrodinger equation

The Self-Adjoint Extension in the Schrodinger equation for potentials behaved as an attractive inverse square at the origin is critically reviewed. Original results are also presented. It is shown



On the hydrino state of the relativistic hydrogen atom

The Klein-Gordon equation of the hydrogen atom has a low-lying eigenstate, called hydrino state, with square integrable wavefunction. The corresponding spinor solution of Dirac's equation is not

Exact solution of the N-dimensional generalized Dirac-Coulomb equation

An exact solution to the bound state problem for the N-dimensional generalized Dirac-Coulomb equation, whose potential contains both the Lorentz-vector and Lorentz-scalar terms of the Coulomb form,

A simple solution of the two‐dimensional relativistic Kepler problem

A two‐dimensional electron is described by an appropriate spin 1/2 bi‐dimensional Dirac equation. The special case of a hydrogenic atom in two dimensions is solved in order to obtain its energy

Pion Fields in Nuclear Matter

A comprehensive review is presented dealing with pion excitations and condensation in nucleon matter. A discussion of the behavior of bosons in scalar electric and nuclear fields is given along with

Klein paradox in spatial and temporal resolution.

Based on spatially and temporally resolved numerical solutions to the relativistic quantum field equations, we provide a resolution to the controversial issue of how an incoming electron scatters off

Normalization Condition and Normal and Abnormal Solutions of the Bethe-Salpeter Equation

The normalization constants for normal and abnormal solutions of the Bethe-Salpeter equation are explicitly calculated in the Wick-Cutkosky model. In the case of the vanishing total four-momentum, it

Intermediate Quantum Mechanics

Theory Of Atomic Structure * Miscellaneous Results From Elementary Quantum Mechanics * Identical Particles and Symmetry * Two-Electron Atoms * Self-Consistent Field * Statistical Models * Addition of

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