The humiliation dynamic: An overview

  title={The humiliation dynamic: An overview},
  author={Donald C. Klein},
  journal={Journal of Primary Prevention},
  • D. C. Klein
  • Published 1 December 1991
  • Business
  • Journal of Primary Prevention
This paper describes what people experience and how they react when they feel humiliated. It discusses ways in which our society is humiliation-prone and emphasizes the ubiquitous nature of the humiliation dynamic in every-day life. 
Healing Humiliation: From Reaction to Creative Action
In the midst of global crises, feelings of humiliation are intensified (Lindner, 2008; Moisi, 2009). Counselors are often on the front lines of suffering during turbulent times. This article explores
This article is an overview of past foundations and recent developments in the study of humiliation. It outlines the conditions of today’s world that bring the dynamics of humiliation to the
Transcending Humiliation: An ancient perspective
Drawing upon Ayurvedic teachings, this paper raises the possibility of transcending the humiliation dynamic through higher states of consciousness.
The Distinctive Constitution of Feeling Hurt
Abstract. What is the nature of feeling hurt? This question is answered by systematically reviewing and integrating theories and empirical findings on feeling hurt using Lazarus’ theory of emotion....
The Paradox of Humiliation
It is argued that humiliation shares central characteristics with anger, shame, and embarrassment, but also differs from these emotions in meaningful ways, providing evidence of the unique nature of humiliation as a distinct, self-conscious emotion.
Power, the party and the people : the significance of humiliation in representations of the German Democratic Republic
This thesis reconsiders the nature of humiliation, defining it as an exercise of power, and argues that the SED consciously and as a matter of habit used humiliation to seek to shape people’s lives
Human Rights, Humiliation, and Globalization
This text is a chapter that highlights how human rights ideals together with globalization profoundly impinge on relationships, both globally and locally. This chapter calls attention to how certain
Evelin G. Lindner is a social scientist with an interdisciplinary orientation. She holds two PhDs, one in medicine and another in psychology. She is the Founding Manager of Human Dignity and


Psychology and the human dilemma
  • R. May
  • Psychology, Philosophy
  • 1979
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Human nature and the social order
This work remains a pioneer sociological treatise on American culture. By understanding the individual not as the product of society but as its mirror image, Cooley concludes that the social order
The Confucian Paradigm of Man: A Sociological View
Facing Shame, Families in Recovery
Families that return for treatment time and again often have problems that seem unrelated-such as compulsive, addictive, or abusive behaviors-but that are linked by an underlying process of shame.
Shame and humiliation in the medical encounter.
  • A. Lazare
  • Medicine, Political Science
    Archives of internal medicine
  • 1987
Twelve clinical strategies for the management of shame and humiliation in patients are discussed and a heightened awareness of these issues can help physicians diminish the shame experience in patients and in themselves.
The Anatomy of Human Destructiveness
In a world in which violence in every form seems to be increasing, Erich Fromm has treated this problem with deep perception in the most original and far-reaching work of his brilliant career. Fromm
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Bonfire of the Vanities
One night in the Bronx a millionaire, Sherman McCoy, and his mistress have an accident. The next day a young black is in hospital in a coma as McCoy heads for disaster. His humiliation is at the
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Geriatric Paranoia: Case Report Illustrating Behavioral Management
  • T. Brink
  • Psychology
    Journal of the American Geriatrics Society
  • 1980
A case study of an 81‐year‐old woman illustrates the nature of geriatric paranoia and the roles of interpersonal relationships, rigid personality, depression, and the impairment of sensory and memory functions.