The hot hand in basketball: On the misperception of random sequences

  title={The hot hand in basketball: On the misperception of random sequences},
  author={Thomas Gilovich and Roberto Vallone and Amos Tversky},
  journal={Cognitive Psychology},

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The Cold Facts about the “Hot Hand” in Basketball

You're in a world all your own. It's hard to describe. But the basket seems to be so wide. No matter what you do, you know the ball is going to go in. –Purvis Short, of the NBA's Golden State

Heat Check: New Evidence on the Hot Hand in Basketball

The vast literature on the hot hand fallacy in basketball rests on the assumption that shot selection is independent of player-perceived hot or coldness. In this paper, we challenge the assumption of

The Hot Hand in Basketball: Fallacy or Adaptive Thinking?

The Hot Hand in Basketball: Fallacy or Adaptive Thinking? Bruce D. Burns ( Department of Psychology, Michigan State University East Lansing, MI 48824-1117 USA Abstract In basketball,

The Hot Hand : A New Approach to an Old “ Fallacy ”

The vast literature on the Hot Hand Fallacy in basketball rests on the assumption that shot selection is independent of player-perceived hot or coldness. In this paper, we challenge this assumption

The hot hand exists in volleyball and is used for allocation decisions.

It is concluded that for volleyball the hot hand exists, coaches and playmaker are able to detect it, and playmakers tend to use it "adaptively," which results in more hits for a team.

Capability and opportunity in hot shooting performance: Evidence from top-scoring NBA leaders

This study uses field goal records and optical tracking data from the official NBA database for the entire 2015–2016 season to analyze top-scoring leaders’ shooting performances and employs statistical models to integrate three different shooting perspectives.

Study 1 A : Do Athletes Believe in the Hot Hand in Volleyball ?

The “hot hand” belief in sports refers to the conviction that a player has a higher chance of making a shot after two or three successful shots than after two or three misses (resulting in

The effect of perceived streakiness on the shot-taking behaviour of basketball players

It is found that the more consecutive shots players make, the more difficult they make along the three dimensions, and most players' performance seems to improve during hot streaks because they attempt more difficult shots while no significant decrease in shooting accuracy takes place.

How should “hot” players in basketball be defended? The use of fast-and-frugal heuristics by basketball coaches and players in response to streakiness

An experimental study with 18 professional coaches and 20 players based on video sequences from National Basketball Association games finds that coaches tended to increase the defensive pressure significantly more often on presumably hot players and thus make use of the hot-hand heuristic.

Statistical Tests for the Hot-Hand in Basketball in a Controlled Setting

When I watch basketball on television, it is a common occurrence to have an announcer state that some player has the hot-hand. This raises the question: Are Bernoulli trials an adequate model for the



Biased evaluation and persistence in gambling.

  • T. Gilovich
  • Psychology
    Journal of personality and social psychology
  • 1983
Gamblers may tend to accept wins at face value but explain away or discount losses, and a manipulation of the salience or existence of a critical "fluke" play in a sporting event had a greater impact on the subsequent expectations of those who had bet on the losing team than of those on the winning team.

Craps and Magic

  • J. Henslin
  • Education
    American Journal of Sociology
  • 1967
Problem 1.-How can these players operate simultaneously in both the dimensions of rationality and irrationality, of probability and magic? These cab driver-crapshooters usually bet according to known

Attributions in the Sports Pages

University of IowaThe present investigation extended the generality of attribution research byexploring several important, issues in a highly involving real-world setting inwhich attributions

Paradoxical effects of supportive audiences on performance under pressure: The home field disadvantage in sports championships.

On the basis of recent research on self-presentation and self-attention, we predicted that the presence of supportive audiences might be detrimental to performance in some circumstances.

Odds adjustments by American horse-race bettors.

The odds express (reciprocally) a psychological probability while the percentage of winners at any odds group measures the true probability; any consistent discrepancy between the two may cast light not only on the specific topics of horse-race betting and gambling but on the more general field of the psychology of probabilities.

Leading questions and the eyewitness report


  • S. Oskamp
  • Psychology
    Journal of consulting psychology
  • 1965
This study investigated whether that increase in confidence in the psychologist's conclusions is justified by a corresponding increase in accuracy of conclusions, and found that the diagnostic confidence of experienced psychologists is less than that of less experienced persons.


“Suppose you have run an experiment on 20 subjects, and have obtained a significant result which confirms your theory ( z = 2.23, p If you feel that the probability is somewhere around .85, you may

Lottery winners and accident victims: is happiness relative?

Lottery winners were not happier than controls and took significantly less pleasure from a series of mundane events, and Paraplegics also demonstrated a contrast effect, not by enhancing minor pleasures but by idealizing their past, which did not help their present happiness.