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The historiography of Belgian colonialism in the Congo

  title={The historiography of Belgian colonialism in the Congo},
  author={Guy Vanthemsche},
I. Public Power in Europe: Studies in Historical Transformations II. Power and Culture: Hegemony, Interaction and Dissent III. Religion, Ritual and Mythology. Aspects of Identity Formation in Europe IV. Professions and Social Identity. New European Historical Research on Work, Gender and Society V. Frontiers and Identities: Exploring the Research Area VI. Europe and the World in European Historiography 
Critical Museology, (Post)Colonial Communication, and the Gradual Mastering of Traumatic Pasts at the Royal Museum for Central Africa (RMCA)
This essay provides a critical analysis of some of the public and museological debates that have swirled around the rediscovery of a Congolese holocaust. The authors of the essay highlight some ofExpand
Congomania in Academia
The Congo has recently been the subject of much academic research. This article discusses the major trends and developments. It primarily focuses on the Congo crisis of 1960, which was commemoratedExpand
Belgian images of the psycho‐pedagogical potential of the Congolese during the Colonial Era, 1908–1960
Starting from the Belgian historiography about the Congo, the article raises the question of the nature of image formation in the mother country as regards the psychological characteristics andExpand
The Self-consciousness of Post-imperial Nations
Self-consciousness is a state of mind induced by a feeling of being critically observed by others. Former colonial powers have experienced this feeling to an increasing extent in recent years. TheseExpand
‘David vs Goliath’: The Congo Free State Propaganda War, 1890–1909
Abstract The Congo Free State (CFS) propaganda war was an international campaign waged between two distinct groups. On the one side, there were Leopold II, King of the Belgians, his representatives,Expand
Postcolonial Belgium
Belgium recently celebrated a number of major anniversaries related to its colonial history. This coincides with great societal interest in the Congo and the appearance of an abundance of new books.Expand
Towards a History of Mass Violence in the Etat Indépendant du Congo, 1885–1908
ABSTRACT The present article provides an up-to-date scholarly introduction to mass violence in the Etat Indépendant du Congo (Congo Free State, EIC). Its aims are twofold: to offer a point of accessExpand
Belgium's Expansionist History between 1870 and 1930: Imperialism and the Globalisation of Belgian Business
This chapter considers if and how the political action of imperialism and the globalisation of business influenced each other in Belgium between 1870 and 1930. In addition to the role that BelgianExpand
The Empire retracts : a case study analysis of official European state apologies offered between 2002 and 2010 for transgressions committed against former colonies
One of the more unusual and unexpected trends to emerge in 21st century international politics has been the proliferation of official apologies issued by European states for violations committedExpand
Sino-African Relations: An Analytical Overview of China’s Natural Resources Policy in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC)
Abstract This paper focuses on China’s role on the African continent. As will be revealed in the sections below, the dynamics of Sino-African relations have drawn attention from academics, privateExpand


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