The historical evolution of the regulations for the Florence Nightingale Medal

  title={The historical evolution of the regulations for the Florence Nightingale Medal},
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Abstract Objective This study aimed to explore the 100-year changes in regulations for the Florence Nightingale Medal. Methods We used the announcements of the Florence Nightingale Medal awards as the research object to analyze – via historical and inductive methods – the regulations for receiving the Florence Nightingale Medal. Results In the award years, the greatest number of winners per award year was 71 and the lowest was 12. The medal was initially exclusively awarded to living people but… Expand
An Analysis of Past Florence Nightingale Medal Recipients: Insights Into Exceptional Nurses and the Evolution of Nursing
The results offer statistical validation for the dedication of these exceptional individuals, while also highlighting overall parallels with the ongoing development of the nursing field as it expands to better deliver culturally-sensitive care and to overcome outdated stereotypes that would otherwise constrain innovation. Expand
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Dedication and creation: the education value orientation of the Nightingale Prize laureates
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The historical evolution of the regulations for the Florence Nightingale Medal
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Innovation : Florence Nightingale ’ s spirit is important as dedication
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[Florence Nightingale medal awarded to Elisabeth Larsen].
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