The historical approach and the ‘war of ethics within the ethics of war’

  title={The historical approach and the ‘war of ethics within the ethics of war’},
  author={Christian Nikolaus Braun},
  journal={Journal of International Political Theory},
  pages={349 - 366}
  • C. Braun
  • Published 18 July 2018
  • Sociology
  • Journal of International Political Theory
Contemporary just war thinking has mostly been split into two competing camps, namely, Michael Walzer’s approach and its revisionist critics. While Walzerians employ a casuistical method, most revisionists resort to analytical philosophy’s reflective equilibrium. Importantly, besides employing different methods, the two sides also disagree on substantive issues. This article focuses on one such issue, the moral equality of combatants, arguing that while a methodological reconciliation between… 

Just war and the question of authority

  • C. Braun
  • Philosophy
    Zeitschrift für Ethik und Moralphilosophie
  • 2018
This article assesses the recently renewed interest in the just war criterion of sovereign authority from a Thomistic perspective. It contrasts the classical conceptualisation of authority as found

Restraining the fox: Minimalism in the ethics of war and peace

  • L. Peperkamp
  • Political Science
    Journal of International Political Theory
  • 2021
Peace plays a central role in the ethics of war and peace, but this proves to be an enormous challenge. In a recent article, Elisabeth Forster and Isaac Taylor grapple with this important topic. They

The Morality of Retributive Targeted Killing

  • C. Braun
  • Philosophy
    Journal of Military Ethics
  • 2019
ABSTRACT This article assesses whether the contemporary consensus of just war thinking to allow only for defence as just cause for war between states should also be applied to the practice of

De oorlog in de theorie van de rechtvaardige oorlog

  • L. Peperkamp
  • Political Science
    Algemeen Nederlands Tijdschrift voor Wijsbegeerte
  • 2019
The war in just war theory Just war theory has an ancient pedigree. While the substantive norms and application of those norms have always been debated, the debate today is entirely polarized.

Peace as a Minor, Grounded Utopia: On Prefigurative and Testimonial Pacifism

A common complaint about pacifism holds that it is utopian, in a pejorative sense. The worry can take various forms and directions, but when it is couched in terms of just war theory it usually



Just War Theory: Revisionists versus Traditionalists

Contemporary just war theory is divided into two broad camps: revisionists and traditionalists. Traditionalists seek to provide moral foundations for something close to current international law, and

Taking 'justness' seriously in just war: who are the 'miserable comforters' now?

The laws of war are under mounting pressure and yet recent developments in the ethics of war have encouraged a growing disjunction between ethics and the law. Is this a problem, and does just war

Divisions within the Ranks? The Just War Tradition and the Use and Abuse of History

Plato wrote in the Republic that quarrels between fellow countrymen are wont to be more virulent and nasty than those between external enemies. Sigmund Freud (and latterly Michael Ignatieff and Toni

The Responsibility Dilemma for Killing in War: A Review Essay

On one popular conception of how to do political theory, we should start with our considered judgments, try to work them together into a coherent theory, and then test our judgments against the

The Ethics of War, Innocence, and Hard Cases: A Call for the Middle Ground

  • M. Vaha
  • Philosophy, Political Science
  • 2013
For centuries, we have been puzzled by the question of if and to what extent war and morality might be accommodated, and if it makes sense to talk about justice and war in one and the same context in

The Legacy of Jus Contra Bellum: Echoes of Pacifism in Contemporary Just War Thought

Abstract This article explores the issue of jus contra bellum as a particular development within just war thought. At its heart, the jus contra bellum amounts to an attempt to apply the principles

Bounded morality: justice and the state in world politics

Surveying the tradition of international political theory, Martin Wight commented that it is marked "not only by paucity but also by intellectual and moral poverty."'I That judgment is an

James Turner Johnson's Just War Idea: Commanding the Headwaters of Tradition

James Turner Johnson is the foremost scholar of the just war tradition working today. His treatment of the historical development of the just war tradition has been hugely important, influencing a

The Common Good in the Political Theory of Thomas Aquinas

I NTERPRETERS OF THOMAS Aquinas do not always advance the understanding of his political theory. As is too frequently the case in intellectual history, some of Thomas's followers find in his writings

Cosmopolitanism, just war theory and legitimate authority

The requirement of legitimate authority, though central to medieval and modern interpretations of the just war tradition, has received less attention in the contemporary literature than the other