The histone-like NF-Y is a bifunctional transcription factor.

  title={The histone-like NF-Y is a bifunctional transcription factor.},
  author={Michele Ceribelli and Diletta Dolfini and Daniele Merico and Raffaella Gatta and Alessandra M Vigan{\`o} and Giulio Pavesi and Roberto Mantovani},
  journal={Molecular and cellular biology},
  volume={28 6},
NF-Y is a trimeric transcription factor containing H2A/H2B-like subunits, which specifically binds to the CCAAT box, a common eukaryotic promoter element. To gain insights into NF-Y-dependent transcriptional regulation, we assessed its relationships with positive histone marks by chromatin immunoprecipitation-on-chip and correlative-profiling studies. Unbiased identification of binding sites shows that the majority of genes are bound by NF-Y in the promoter and/or within the coding region… CONTINUE READING
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