The hippocampus: anatomy, pathophysiology, and regenerative capacity.

  title={The hippocampus: anatomy, pathophysiology, and regenerative capacity.},
  author={B T Giap and Chang-Han Jong and Joseph H. Ricker and Nora K. Cullen and R. D. Zafonte},
  journal={The Journal of head trauma rehabilitation},
  volume={15 3},
Cognitive deficits following insults to the central nervous system-particularly those involving the hippocampus and related structures-are often persistent and severely debilitating. Progress has been made in establishing the role of the hippocampus in integrating information in the formation of memory necessary for subsequent recollection of information. The present article will review anatomic, physiological, and functional aspects of the hippocampus in reference to learning and memory. Both… CONTINUE READING

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