The hemodynamic effect of halothane in the normovolemic dog.

  title={The hemodynamic effect of halothane in the normovolemic dog.},
  author={Ingemar Ahlgren and K. F. Aronsen and I Bj{\"o}rkman and S Wetterlin},
  journal={Acta anaesthesiologica Scandinavica},
  volume={22 1},
With the aid of radioactive microspheres (labeled with 169Yb, 85Sr and 141Ce, respectively), the effect of halothane anesthesia on circulation was studied for 30 min and (group A) for 120 min of halothane anesthesia in thiopental-sedated dogs. Measurements were also carried out on recovery from halothane anesthesia. Besides such well-known general circulatory changes as reduction in cardiac output, pulse rate, left ventricular work, arterial mean blood pressure and left atrial mean blood… CONTINUE READING

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