[The hemodynamic characteristics of mother and fetus in EPH gestosis].


Maternal and fetal hemodynamics was examined by echocardiography and dopplerometry in 104 pregnant women with EPH [correction of OPH] gestosis of various severity and in 30 women with a normal course of pregnancy in the third trimester. A relationship between incidence and severity of the detected hemodynamic disorders and severity of gestosis clinical manifestations was revealed. Renal blood flow disorders were detected at earlier stages of EPH [correction of OPH] gestosis than deterioration of uteroplacental and fetoplacental hemodynamics. Central hemodynamics parameters were more stable. The detected changes in uteroplacental circulation were less liable to positive dynamic shifts under the effect of therapy than those in the fetoplacental component. Hence, dopplerometric parameters of hemodynamics may serve the criteria of therapy efficacy, and the critical condition of fetoplacental blood flow dictates the necessity of an urgent delivery.

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