The heme environment in barley hemoglobin.

  title={The heme environment in barley hemoglobin.},
  author={Tapan Kanti Das and Hee Cheon Lee and SMG. Duff and Robert D Hill and Jack Peisach and Denis L. Rousseau and Beatrice A. Wittenberg and Jonathan B. Wittenberg},
  journal={The Journal of biological chemistry},
  volume={274 7},
To elucidate the environment and ligand structure of the heme in barley hemoglobin (Hb), resonance Raman and electron paramagnetic resonance spectroscopic studies have been carried out. The heme is shown to have bis-imidazole coordination, and neither of the histidines has imidazolate character. Barley Hb has a unique heme environment as judged from the Fe-CO and C-O stretching frequencies in the CO complex. Two Fe-CO stretching modes are observed with frequencies at 534 and 493 cm-1, with… CONTINUE READING
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