The heat is on: thermal input for immaterial interaction


In this paper, we present THIO - a non-contact human-computer-interface based on thermal imaging of the body heat. The interface is inherently ambient and can be completely concealed for truly ubiquitous user experience. By using a miniature, low-cost and exports exempt thermal imager we present a general purpose point-and-click input system operating through 'immaterial' display screen at a distance of 50 cm, with better than 0.2 mm spatial resolution and at 9 Hz update rate.

DOI: 10.1145/2818187.2818272

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@inproceedings{Palovuori2015TheHI, title={The heat is on: thermal input for immaterial interaction}, author={Karri T. Palovuori and Ismo Rakkolainen}, booktitle={MindTrek}, year={2015} }