The haustorial host-parasite interface in rust-infected bean leaves after high-pressure freezing

  title={The haustorial host-parasite interface in rust-infected bean leaves after high-pressure freezing},
  author={G. M. KNAUFt and K. WELTERt and Maria F M{\"u}ller and K. MENDGENt},
  • G. M. KNAUFt, K. WELTERt, +1 author K. MENDGENt
  • Published 2003
The haustorial fine structure of the bean rust fungus, Uromyces appendiculatus var . appendiculatus, was studied within the cells of its host, Phaseolus vulgaris . Results were obtained after high-pressure freezing and subsequent freeze-substitution or freeze-fracturing. Good preservation of leaf tissue after freeze-substitution needed cryoprotection with 8 % methanol . For freeze-fracturing, no chemical treatment was applied . In addition to the organelles which are generally found in fungi… CONTINUE READING


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