The halo light cone catalogues of AbacusSummit

  title={The halo light cone catalogues of AbacusSummit},
  author={Boryana Hadzhiyska and Lehman H Garrison and Daniel Eisenstein and Sownak Bose},
  journal={Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society},
We describe a method for generating halo catalogues on the light cone using the AbacusSummit suite of N-body simulations. The main application of these catalogues is the construction of realistic mock galaxy catalogues and weak lensing maps on the sky. Our algorithm associates the haloes from a set of coarsely-spaced snapshots with their positions at the time of light-cone crossing by matching halo particles to on-the-fly light cone particles. It then records the halo and particle information… 


Linear redshift distortions: A Review
Redshift maps of galaxies in the Universe are distorted by the peculiar velocities of galaxies along the line of sight. The amplitude of the distortions on large, linear scales yields a measurement