The habitual use of emotion regulation strategies in schizophrenia.


OBJECTIVES. Although emotion dysregulation is regarded as a core feature of schizophrenia, the use of specific regulatory strategies remains poorly understood. The aim of this study, therefore, was to investigate the habitual use of suppression, reappraisal, and acceptance in this population. METHODS. Thirty-three individuals with schizophrenia and 36 matched controls completed self-report measures examining emotion regulation and psychosocial functioning. RESULTS. No group differences were found in terms of use of suppression or reappraisal, but clinical participants reported using less acceptance. Further, greater use of acceptance was associated with better psychosocial outcomes. CONCLUSIONS. Results highlight the potential utility of acceptance-based interventions for comorbid psychopathology in schizophrenia.

DOI: 10.1111/j.2044-8260.2010.02001.x

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@article{Perry2011TheHU, title={The habitual use of emotion regulation strategies in schizophrenia.}, author={Yael Perry and Julie D. Henry and Jessica R. Grisham}, journal={The British journal of clinical psychology}, year={2011}, volume={50 2}, pages={217-22} }