The guidelines for social life cycle assessment of products: just in time!

  title={The guidelines for social life cycle assessment of products: just in time!},
  author={Catherine Beno{\^i}t and Gregory A. Norris and Sonia Valdivia and Andreas Ciroth and {\AA}sa Moberg and Ulrike Bos and Siddhartha Prakash and C{\'a}ssia Maria Lie Ugaya and Tabea Beck},
  journal={The International Journal of Life Cycle Assessment},
PurposeAuthors of different sustainability journals, including authors of articles in past issues of the International Journal of Life Cycle Assessment have acknowledged the rising interest and the pressing need for a social and socio-economic life cycle assessment methodology and identified challenges in its development and implementation. Social life cycle assessment (LCA) allows identification of key issues, assessing, and telling the story of social conditions in the production, use, and… Expand
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Operations research for sustainability assessment of products: A review
Research needs derived from this analysis comprise the integration of qualitative and semi-quantitative (social) indicators, the simultaneous consideration of global and local sustainability objectives, and the application of systematic procedures to address uncertainty. Expand
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Social life cycle assessment: in pursuit of a framework for assessing wood-based products from bioeconomy regions in Germany
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The feasibility study was prepared in a multi-stage discussion process within the context of the Task Force "Integration of social aspects into LCA" of the UNEP-SETAC Life Cycle Initiative, and there are evidently no fundamental problems calling the feasibility of SLCA into question. Expand