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The growth régulant, herbicidal and physical properties of 2,4-D and related compounds.

  title={The growth r{\'e}gulant, herbicidal and physical properties of 2,4-D and related compounds.},
  author={George L. Mcnew and Otto L. Hoffmann},
  journal={Iowa State College journal of science},
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Fungitoxic effect of some derivatives of substituted phenoxyacetic acids
This document aims to provide a chronology of key events and events in the history of the Czech Republic from 1989 to 2002, as well as aibliography of relevant documents. Expand
Solubilities of pesticide chemicals in water. Part II: Data compilation.
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Thermal Claisen rearrangement of allyl ethers of isomeric acetylnaphthols
Thermal Claisen rearrangement of the allyl ethers (3) and (12) of the isomeric 2-acetyl-1-hydroxy- and 1-acetyl-2-hydroxy-naphthalenes (1) and (2) has been studied by heating each in refluxingExpand
Reported solubilities of 738 pesticide chemicals in water.
The present exhaustive compilation of the solubilities of pesticide chemicals in water will stimulate the production of actual solubility data, for even casual examination of the table will disclose glaring inconsistencies and lamentable gaps in the literature commonly available to research workers and others interested in even approximate solubilty data. Expand
Biochemical and metabolic changes in plants induced by chlorophenoxy herbicides.
Investigations into the various aspects of the fate of the herbicide in the plant are relatively recent and have been reviewed by AUDUS (1961), CRAFTS (1964), FREED and MONTGOMERY (1963), SHAW et al (1960), and WAIN (19 1961). Expand
Hypocholesteremic agents. I. (p-Acetamidophenoxy) acetic acid derivatives.
Abstract A series of ( p -acetamidophenoxy)acetic acid derivatives (I) has been examined for hypocholesteremic effects, and significant activity was noted with R as lower alkyl and Z as an amideExpand