The groupoid of finite sets is biinitial in the 2-category of rig categories

  title={The groupoid of finite sets is biinitial in the 2-category of rig categories},
  author={Josep Elgueta},
  journal={arXiv: Category Theory},
  • J. Elgueta
  • Published 18 April 2020
  • Mathematics
  • arXiv: Category Theory

Differential 2-rigs

We propose the notion of differential 2-rig, a category R equipped with coproducts and a monoidal structure distributing over them, also equipped with an endofunctor m : R → R that satisfies a

Symmetries in reversible programming: from symmetric rig groupoids to reversible programming languages

This paper gives a denotational semantics for the Pi family of reversible programming languages for boolean circuits, using weak groupoids à la Homotopy Type Theory, and shows how to derive an equational theory for it, presented by 2-combinators witnessing equivalences of type isomorphisms.

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Bimonoidal categories (also known as rig categories) are categories with two monoidal structures, one of which distributes over the other. We formally define sheet diagrams, a graphical calculus for



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This research monograph integrates ideas from category theory, algebra and combinatorics. It is organised in three parts. Part I belongs to the realm of category theory. It reviews some of the

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homotopy theory C.1. Lifting properties, weak factorization systems, and Leibniz closure C.1.1. Lemma. Any class of maps characterized by a right lifting property is closed under composition,

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This thesis consists of four papers. In the first paper we present methods and explicit formulas for describing simple weight modules over twisted generalized Weyl algebras. Under certain conditions

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? functors.- Coordinate-free spectra.- Orientation theory.- E? ring spectra.- On kO-oriented bundle theories.- E? ring spaces and bipermutative categories.- The recognition principle for E? ring


We show that categories weakly enriched over symmetric monoidal cate- gories can be strictied to categories enriched in permutative categories. This is a \many 0-cells" version of the strictication

Non-canonical isomorphisms


THE EXPERIMENT ITSELF The understanding of the origin of life was largely speculative until the 1920s, when Oparin and Haldane, working independently, proposed a theoretical model for “chemical

Coherence for distributivity

Miquel L. Laplaza University of Chicago and University of Puerto Rico at Mayaguez Received November 5, 197

Monoidal Functors

  • Species and Hopf Algebras. CRM Monographs Series, vol. 29, American Mathematical Society
  • 2010