The ground ring of N=2 minimal string theory

  title={The ground ring of N=2 minimal string theory},
  author={Anatoly Konechny and Andrei Parnachev and David A. Sahakyan},
  journal={Nuclear Physics},
Abstract We study the N = 2 string theory or the N = 4 topological string on the deformed CHS background. That is, we consider the N = 2 minimal model coupled to the N = 2 Liouville theory. This model describes holographically the topological sector of little string theory. We use degenerate vectors of the respective N = 2 Verma modules to find the set of BRST cohomologies at ghost number zero—the ground ring, and exhibit its structure. Physical operators at ghost number one constitute a module… Expand
On the connection between N = 2 minimal string and (1,n) bosonic minimal string
We study the scattering amplitudes in the N = 2 minimal string or equivalently in the N = 4 topological string on ALE spaces. We find an interesting connection between the tree level amplitudes ofExpand
On minimal Script N = 4 topological strings and the (1,k) minimal bosonic string
In this paper we consider tree-level scattering in the minimal = 4 topological string and show that a large class of N-point functions can be recast in terms of corresponding amplitudes in the (1,k)Expand
Notes on the S-matrix of bosonic and topological non-critical strings
We show that the equivalence between the c = 1 non-critical bosonic string and the = 2 topologically twisted coset SL(2)/U(1) at level one can be checked very naturally on the level of tree-levelExpand
Notes on S-matrix of non-critical N = 2 string
In this paper we discuss the scattering S-matrix of non-critical N = 2 string at tree level. First we consider the ĉ < 1 string defined by combining the N = 2 time-like linear dilaton SCFT with the NExpand
Minimal AdS(3)
We show that Type IIB string theory on AdS 3 × S 3 × M 4 with p units of NS flux contains an integrable subsector, isomorphic to the minimal (p, 1) bosonic string. To this end, we construct aExpand
The Veneziano Limit of N = 2 Superconformal QCD: Towards the String Dual of N = 2 SU(N(c)) SYM with N(f) = 2 N(c)
We attack the long-standing problem of finding the AdS dual of N = 2 superconformal QCD, the N=2 super Yang Mills theory with gauge group SU(N_c) and N_f = 2 N_c fundamental hyper multiplets. TheExpand
AdS/CFT beyond the $N = 4$ SYM paradigm
In this thesis we present studies in the AdS/CFT correspondence that intend to push the present knowledge beyond the $N = 4$ super Yang-Mills (SYM) paradigm. The first part is concerned with theExpand
Notes on Liouville theory at c ≤ 1
The continuation of the Liouville conformal field theory to c{ (c-1)/24. However, the theories considered here have a continuous spectrum which excludes the degenerate representations appearing inExpand
Aspects of superconformal field theories
of the Dissertation Aspects of Superconformal Field Theories


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