The graph neural networking challenge

  title={The graph neural networking challenge},
  author={Jos{\'e} Su{\'a}rez-Varela and Miquel Ferriol Galm{\'e}s and Albert Lopez and Paul Almasan and Guillermo Bern{\'a}rdez and David Pujol-Perich and Krzysztof Rusek and Lo{\"i}ck Bonniot and Christoph Neumann and François Schnitzler and François Ta{\"i}ani and Martin Happ and Christian Maier and Jia Lei Du and Matthias Herlich and Peter Dorfinger and Nick Vincent Hainke and Stefan Venz and John A. Wegener and Henrike Wissing and Bo Wu and Shihan Xiao and Pere Barlet-Ros and Albert Cabellos-Aparicio},
  journal={ACM SIGCOMM Computer Communication Review},
  pages={9 - 16}
During the last decade, Machine Learning (ML) has increasingly become a hot topic in the field of Computer Networks and is expected to be gradually adopted for a plethora of control, monitoring and management tasks in real-world deployments. This poses the need to count on new generations of students, researchers and practitioners with a solid background in ML applied to networks. During 2020, the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) has organized the "ITU AI/ML in 5G challenge", an open… Expand
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