The grammar of English predicate complement constructions

  title={The grammar of English predicate complement constructions},
  author={Peter S. Rosenbaum},
A set of phrase structure rules and a set of transformational rules are proposed for which the claim is made that these rules enumerate the underlying and derived sentential structures which exemplify two productive classes of sentential embedding in English. These are sentential embedding in noun phrases and sentential embedding in verb phrases. First, following a statement of the grammatical rules, the phrase structure rules are analyzed and defended. Second, the transformational rules which… 
Phrase structure principles of English complex sentence formation
The purpose of this study is to show that the theory of English syntax contains at least two phrase structure rules (cf. Chomsky, 1956, 1961) which introduce sentences. The first of these exemplifies
Event structure and the encoding of arguments: the syntax of the Mandarin and English verb phrase
This work develops the hypothesis that event structure is syntactic structure, and argues that verb meanings are compositionally derived in the syntax from verbalizing heads, functional elements that license eventive interpretations, and verbal roots, abstract concepts drawn from encyclopedic knowledge.
Current syntactic theories differ greatly in how abstract syntactic structure is represented. In theories in which grammatical functions are defined in terms of phrase structure configuration (for
Grammatical Categories: Variation in Romance Languages
The authors argue that the distinction between functional and non-functional categories, between content words and inflections, is not as deeply rooted in grammar as is often thought.
The Source of Derived Nominals in English
1. Chomsky 1970 presents several arguments to demonstrate that derived nominals are nouns in deep structure rather than transforms of deep-structure verbs.' The view that the grammar of English has
Aspectual Verbs in Modern Standard Arabic
This paper argues that the structure of aspectual verbs in MSA contains two clauses -a matrix clause and a subordinate clause- and suggests that the two clauses have a control relation.
Russian Case Morphology and the Syntactic Categories
This book argues that the peculiarities of Russian nominal phrases provide significant clues concerning the syntactic side of morphological case, and proposes instead that the case categories are just part-of-speech features copied as morphology from head to dependent as syntactic structure is built.
A Semantic Theory of “NP-Movement” Dependencies
The various complex dependencies found in English sentences containing infinitival complements have provided some of the most compelling arguments for transformational grammar (TG) (for a survey of
German and English noun phrases: a transformational- contrastive approach
German and English Noun Phrases: A Transformational-Contrastive Approach, by Ward Keith Barrows The paper presents a contrastive approach to German and English based on the theory of transformational