The graded structure of Leavitt path algebras

  title={The graded structure of Leavitt path algebras},
  author={Roozbeh Hazrat},
  journal={Israel Journal of Mathematics},
  • R. Hazrat
  • Published 11 May 2010
  • Mathematics
  • Israel Journal of Mathematics
A Leavitt path algebra associates to a directed graph a ℤ-graded algebra and in its simplest form it recovers the Leavitt algebra L(1, k). In this note, we first study this ℤ-grading and characterize the (ℤ-graded) structure of Leavitt path algebras, associated to finite acyclic graphs, Cn-comet, multi-headed graphs and a mixture of these graphs (i.e., polycephaly graphs). The last two types are examples of graphs whose Leavitt path algebras are strongly graded. We give a criterion when a… 

The graded structure of algebraic Cuntz-Pimsner rings

The graded Grothendieck group and the classification of Leavitt path algebras

  • R. Hazrat
  • Mathematics
    Mathematische Annalen
  • 2012
This paper is an attempt to show that, parallel to Elliott’s classification of AF C*-algebras by means of K-theory, the graded K0-group classifies Leavitt path algebras completely. In this direction,

Connections between Abelian sandpile models and the $K$-theory of weighted Leavitt path algebras

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Simplicity of Leavitt path algebras via graded ring theory

. Suppose that R is an associative unital ring and that E = ( E 0 , E 1 , r, s ) is a directed graph. Utilizing results from graded ring theory we show, that the associated Leavitt path algebra L R (

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A group-graded K-algebra A = ⊕g∈GAg is called locally finite in case each graded component Ag is finite dimensional over K. We characterize the graphs E for which the Leavitt path algebra LK(E) is

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