The government medical service in Malawi: an administrative history, 1891-1974.

  title={The government medical service in Malawi: an administrative history, 1891-1974.},
  author={Colin Arthur Baker},
  journal={Medical History},
  pages={296 - 311}
  • C. Baker
  • Published 1 July 1976
  • Political Science, Economics
  • Medical History
MANY departments of government in present-day Africa are the outcome of developments which reach back well into pre-independence times. In Malawi the development of the Ministry of Health can be traced to the very beginning of colonial rule, and as a distinct functional unit of central government it is almost as old as the Government itself. It is the purpose of this article to trace this development from the founding of the Protectorate in 1891 to the present day, by examining the changes in… 

Public health in pre-colonial east-central Africa.

  • G. Waite
  • History
    Social science & medicine
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Health Services and the Legitimation of the Colonial State: British Malaya 1786–1941

  • L. Manderson
  • History, Economics
    International journal of health services : planning, administration, evaluation
  • 1987
The notion of a legitimation vacuum is developed, and the role of the state provision of social services, including medical services, in legitimizing colonial presence and control is developed.

Indians in the Colonial Medical Service

It is very curious that Indian doctors have been ignored in the colonial medical history of Africa. Although scholars have examined the European doctors of the various African Colonial Medical

Public health developments in colonial Malaya: colonialism and the politics of prevention.

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Drawing on my own work on colonial Malaya, developments in public health and their links to the moral logic of colonialism and its complementarity to the political economy are illustrated.

Scotland, Malawi and Medicine: Livingstone's Legacy, I Presume? An Historical Perspective.

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In this personal short historical perspective I reflect on aspects of the medical history of Malawi, formerly Nyasaland, highlighting the role of Scotland and its people in the development of the

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In the late eighteenth century the Scottish Highlands were attractive to travellers eager to test themselves against climatic, dietetic and other deprivations. From the early nineteenth century, the

Politics, culture and medicine in Malawi: Historical continuities and ruptures with special reference to HIV/AIDS

From reflexive, theoretical, historical and fieldwork perspectives, this multidisciplinary work (using triangulated methodological approaches) challenges and interrogates current viewpoints on health

“My House Is the Hospital”: Housing and Health and Wellbeing among Persons Living with HIV/AIDS in Northern Malawi

It was found that the high cost of renting, discrimination, and poor landlord-tenant relationships imposed significant financial and emotional burden on PLWAs, thereby undermining their ability to meet dietary needs, stay healthy, and adhere to treatment.

The Colonial Medical Officer and colonial identity: Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania before World War Two.

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Deadly divide: Malawi’s policy debate on HIV/AIDS and condoms

This paper examines the dynamics of condom policymaking in Malawi by analyzing debates, which took place in the Malawi National Assembly between the year 2000 and 2004. Using content analysis and key



Third Meeting

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