The governance of Britain

  title={The governance of Britain},
  author={Harold Sir Wilson},
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Power Resources of Parliamentary Executives: Policy Advice in the UK and Germany
This article compares the institutionalisation of policy advice inside offices which service chief executives in the UK and Germany. It focuses on the institutionalisation of ‘policy units’ during
Fixed Term Parliaments
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The Silent Revolution: A Political History of the Politics of Patronage and Reform
For centuries, the capacity of British ministers to appoint individuals to positions on the boards of agencies, boards and commissions was viewed as little more than one element of the ‘spoils of
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The lecture covers five topics. First, I document briefly the long-standing claim that post-war Britain witnessed expanding prime ministerial power and the growth of the UK presidency. Second, I turn
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In 2007 British Prime Minister Gordon Brown agreed that House of Commons committees should start holding pre-appointment hearings for key public appointments. This was initially welcomed by MPs, who
Constitutional Reform in the United Kingdom: Past, Present and Future
2010 will be a big turning point in British history. It brought to an end 13 years of Labour government, and ushered in the first coalition government in over 60 years. It is a good moment to look
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