The golden langur,Presbytis geeiKhajuria: Its discovery, authorship, taxonomic status, and bibliography

  title={The golden langur,Presbytis geeiKhajuria: Its discovery, authorship, taxonomic status, and bibliography},
  author={Heena Khajuria},
The article provides an appraisal of the present information available on the discovery, authoriship, and taxonomic status of the golden langur,Presbytis geeiKhajuria of Assam, India. An exhaustive list of 26 references so far published or in press dealing with this recently discovered species of exceptional beauty has also been provided. The length of bibliography shows the keen interest shown by various workers in the animal in a short period since its discovery in 1956. 

Conservation and the Current Status of the Golden Langur in Assam, India, with Reference to Bhutan

The Golden Langur Conservation Project was begun in 1998 with the goal of protecting the golden langur within its entire Indian range, resulting in an increase of the Indian population of golden langurs from c.1,500 in 1997 to c.5,600 langurs in 2007 to 2012 and the lifting of the “in danger” listing for the Manas Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO.



The Golden Langur and the Manas Sanctuaries

Although first noted by E. O. Shebbeare in 1907, the golden langur monkey Presbytis geei was only named and described after E. P. Gee had found and photographed it in 1953 on the east bank of the

The golden langurs (Presbytis geei Khajuria, 1956) of Assam

The ecology and behaviour of golden langurs were studied in the western forests of Assam and the similiarity and differences in their behaviour from those of Hanuman langurs have been discussed.

Field research on langur and proboscis monkeys: An historical, geographical, and bibliographical listing

The Asian colobine monkeys are separated from the African colobines/cercopithecines in order to maintain geographical identity and to treat the baboon and macaque research separately.

The Book of Indian Animals

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Golden langurs, Presbytis geei (KHAJURIA, 1956) in captivity

  • J. Bom-
  • 1961

XII.—A new Langur (Primates: Colobidae) from Goalpara District, Assam

Authorship of the name Presbytis geei [Mammalia: Primates]

On a Collection of Mammals from Bhutan